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Wichita County Jail Inmates

The inmates of Wichita County jail have recommended keeping to the self to avoid any possible problems. Bullying is a common problem with these inmates. To avoid fights inmates recommend keeping quiet and not arguing with others. Confrontations will end in difficult situations and possible trouble with the guards.

Getting along in jail
Respecting others' space and things is also recommended. Inmates are not allowed to choose their own cellmates. Cells are assigned according to entrance time and crime committed. Early release is possible in some cases. Depending on the crime and the possibility of parole, early release based on good behavior may not be allowed. Even if an individual has been good his or her entire sentence, he or she may not be up for good behavior release if he or she committed a specific crime, like aggravated assault or similar offenses.

Following the rules and obeying guards and officers will often earn eligible individuals time off their sentences for good behavior.

What to expect
Wichita County is divided into dorms. This jail has about twenty or so dorms with between twenty-four and twenty-eight inmates in each dorm. Each dorm is named according to numbers, including Seven Side and Eight Side. Those who have committed misdemeanor offenses are held in the Seven Side dorms and those who have committed felony offenses are held in the Eight Side. Troublemaking inmates are also held in Eight Side, despite the crime committed. Each dorm has commissary opportunities.

Inmates are allowed access to telephones. Two telephones are present in each room and are turned off at midnight. Calls are to be made collect and cost around three and a half dollars each. Phone cards are not available for purchase. All calls are screened through a recording process.

Visitors are allowed two times a week. The check-in process can be lengthy. Those who come to visit are required to first be screened. Visiting hours are on a first-come-first-serve basis and can take as little as thirty minutes but more is possible. Visits are made in separate rooms through telephones and glass windows. Ten stations are available at a time.

Meals and medication
Meals are provided three times per day and are rated about average. The ham is often disliked the most, and the hamburger is often liked the most. All snacks are provided on commissary. Commissary is offered on Sunday night, and forms are required. The ordered food is then distributed on Wednesday nights.

Medications require prescriptions. All medications are distributed morning, noon, and night. Those who become ill are required to fill out a pink form for the doctor on staff. If the request is approved then medication may be distributed. Drug abuse will earn several days in solitary confinement. Some severe cases require several weeks of confinement.

Clothing in jail
All inmates are provided with pants and matching shirt. Men are assigned green uniforms and women are assigned white uniforms. Wichita County is printed on the back of each shirt. Plastic sandals are also provided. Socks and undergarments are not provided. Thermal shirts and socks can be purchased through commissary.