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Logan County Jail Inmates

Meals and extras
Logan County Jail inmates are served three meals a day. The food often resembles cafeteria-style lunches and is often rated low. Breakfast usually consists of egg sandwiches or oatmeal. Lunch consists of a hot plate. Dinner is usually a lunchmeat sandwich. Meals are usually the same every day. Those that are pregnant receive an extra apple with lunch and supper, but no other foods are provided outside of meals.

Medication procedures
Medications are offered upon a doctor's request and cost five dollars a month. A doctor's call costs twenty-five dollars but is necessary for medication approval. For safety issues, medications are served in applesauce.

Uniform distribution and costs
When entering Logan County, inmates are given a uniform of matching black and white striped shirt and pants. Orange or brown sandals are also provided. T-shirts, socks, and undergarments can be bought on commissary for five dollars a piece. Both men and women are provided with the same uniforms.

The blocks
The inmates of Logan County are held in one of eight blocks, which are lettered A, B, F, K, ect. There is also a holding cell. Unlike other jailing facilities, Logan County does not separate its inmates into different groups-all are kept together.

Living situation and inmate privileges
Most dorms have a large room that is similar to a living room. Showers are offered at all times with individual curtains for privacy. Inmates are woken up at six in the morning and lights out is at ten at night. Inmates are also given phone access each day. Phones are turned on at six in the morning and turned off at ten at night. Most inmates buy calling cards at intervals of five, ten, or twenty dollars. Calling cards are the cheapest form of calling available. Each minute uses a dollar. All calls are screened by the Logan County staff.

Things to do during free time
Leisure activities are provided and usually consist of watching television, sleeping, writing letters, playing cards, or reading books. Some fights arise around the television, though most inmates can agree on an option. If arguments arise, the television is turned off for the rest of the day. Inmates are never let outside. No special church services are offered, but inmates may request a visit with a personal minister. The minister must be on an inmate's personal visiting list, however, and are only allowed once a week during visitation hours.

Visiting the jail
These hours are once a week for half hour periods and are either on Sunday or Wednesday. Visits take place in a small room behind glass and through a speaker system. These are no contact visits and take place on bar-like stools.

Behavior rewards and punishments
Inmates are offered time off of their sentences for good behavior. This depends on how long a sentence is and is usually somewhere between five and ten days. The amount is decided and received accordingly. This privilege is lost for giving an unclean cell, talking back to guards, or being loud. Inmates often keep to themselves, keep quiet, sleep, and stay away from trouble to receive good time. Inmates are required to follow directions of cleaning their cells and doing laundry at particular times. If orders are not followed, inmates can receive punishment.