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Spartanburg County Jail Inmates

If you're reading this article, then either you or someone you know is about to enter the Spartanburg County Jail system. All the talk of guilt or innocence is over. At this point it now comes down to a question of doing the time and coming out clean on the other side. If this is a first time incarceration there is no escaping the simple fact it's going to be a shock to the system. Having some knowledge of what to expect can go a long way towards making that "shock" a little less intense.

Spartanburg County Jail Living Conditions
This isn't a Hilton Hotel. It's not even a Motel 6. This is jail which means you'll probably be sharing a cell with 1, 2 or even 3 other inmates. Spartanburg County Jail is grouped in 6 pods. Pods 1 and 2 are for women inmates, Pod 3 and 4 are for general population for men or gen pop. Pod 5 is for men's lock up. Pod 6 is for intake or arrival and protective custody. There is one Trustee dormitory and five additional Annex dormitories. The Trustee dorm is for the placement of non-violent offenders while the Annex dorms are for short timers. Bottom line: this is going to be a crowded living experience.

In the common area of the pods there are televisions that are basically controlled by majority rule. There are a few card tables and chess sets. You're allowed to visit the library once a month to sign out only one book at a time. For exercise, there are some workout equipment pieces that are shared among the inmates. You'll also be allowed outside for recreational time, to travel to the cafeteria or to smoke. Church services are offered on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Inmates are provided with 3 meals Monday through Friday and two meals on the weekends. A canteen provides snacks and other items like cigarettes, paper, pencils and toiletries. An inmate will need to have money set up in a canteen account in order to purchase any of these items.

An official jumpsuit will be issued to every incoming inmate. These will either be blue or white. Inmates are also permitted to wear jeans or white T-shirts.

Outside Contact
Inmates have access to telephones for two 15 minute phone conversations a day, depending on the availability of the phones. All calls going out of the Spartanburg County Jail are collect calls charged at around $1.60. These calls are also recorded by the jail.

For general population inmates, the visitations are twice a month. Visits are conducted in a community room where you'll be talking through glass on a phone. There is no direct visitor contact. For Trustees inmates, you'll be allowed 2 visits every week of 30 minutes each. With Trustees, the visitors meet in an open room.

Good Behavior
If an inmate is deemed to exhibit good behavior that can have 10 days per month taken off of their sentence. Basically, good behavior means staying out of trouble, avoiding fights and being respectful to the correction officers and supervisors. They will ultimately be the ones to judge the behavior.