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Washington County Jail Inmates

Washington County Jail holds twelve pods with only one for women inmates. Each pod is specialized for varying inmates and each has its own name. The pods include "the hole," the introductory pod, two overflow pods, two inmate worker pods, a medical pod, and four normal pods. Each is numbered starting with one, and all are called "dorms." The male inmates are housed in dorms one through nine with the female inmates housed in block three. The medical block holds both male and female inmates.

Pod problems
Each pod has its own problems, which come from attitudes, anger, and sadness. Some inmates are happy to be back in jail while others hold resentment. When there is trouble in the pods, many inmates choose to sleep or read, but nearly all keep to themselves when possible.

Good behavior
Inmates are allowed time off of their sentences for good behavior. The time off varies; some get thirty days off while others get less. The good behavior system differs but normally includes three or four days of "good time" a month. To receive time off inmates are to do as they are told by the staff and cannot get written up.

Work programs
Others receive good time for having a job while incarcerated. Washington County has an inmate worker program, unlike many other county jail facilities. Single man cells are also rare.

Passing time
To pass the time while serving sentences, inmates have a few options: read books, walk on the provided track, watch television, play cards, work towards a GED, write letters, learn to read, or take part in computer time. Several classes are offered for those wishing to participate. Some inmates choose to have a job to keep busy. A walking area is provided outside in a covered area. Inmates are allowed outside once a day. Church services are offered in one pod on Sundays.

Washington County inmates are allowed visitors twice a week. Visitors usually wait for approximately thirty minutes to see inmates. Visits take place in a closed area with dividers for privacy. Glass windows separate inmates from visitors in no contact visits.

Phone calls
Inmates are also allowed phone access during "out time" each day. Fifteen-minute calls can be made on the four phones available in each pod. Calls can be made via collect for just over two dollars to connect or via phone cards, which are offered in ten-dollar and twenty-dollar intervals. Calling cards are purchased on commissary. All calls are recorded and screened by the Washington County staff.

Meals, commisary, and medication
Inmates are served three meals a day. These meals are usually rated very low; however, breakfast is usually picked as the favorite meal. No snacks are provided outside of meals unless inmates purchase them through commissary once a week.

When entering Washington County Jail inmates exchange their street attire for jail jumpsuits. These jumpsuits vary in color depending on the inmate. Orange jumpsuits are given to regular inmates, those of medical needs wear green or striped jumpsuits, and worker inmates wear gold two-piece uniforms. Of all the items to be worn, socks are the articles of clothing that comes on high demand.