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Jackson County Jail Inmates

When most people of think of jail, they don't think of temperatures. But an inmate's journey and stay at Jackson County Jail begins with this very thought. Inmates begin, both before and after sentencing, in a holding cell a majority of the time. There are exceptions at times.

The holding cells are very minimal in furniture and are usually awfully loud and extremely cold. Inmates are then given cotton jail uniforms. The color of the uniforms varies from inmate to inmates - most wear orange uniforms, but trustees wear white uniforms because they work in the kitchen, and floor trustees wear dark green uniforms. The difference in color helps guards and workers decipher where each inmate belongs while incarcerated.

Jackson County blocks
Inmates are divided into different blocks accordingly. Two floors of Jackson County hold regular inmates in multiple cells. The first floor has five holding cells. The second floor holds six cells of female inmates. Seven cells of male inmates occupy the third floor. Each cell is numbered instead of named. Former inmates commented that the trustee cells were the nicest while the holding cells were the worst.

Inmates receive three meals a day, which are often rated low. Meals resemble school cafeteria lunches. No other foods are provided between meals. Personal items can be purchased through money accounts, which also includes phone cards, writing materials, and stamps.

Passing the time in jail
Jackson County inmates have various things to keep them occupied outside of their duties. The first and most important is trouble. Some inmates make it a habit to find trouble by picking fights with others, arguing with the guards, or being disobedient. Former inmates say that it is often difficult to stay out of trouble but can be avoided by being polite to others - cell mates and guards - being smart about choices, and keeping quiet most of the time.

A large percentage of inmates adhere to this policy. Because of this there is a good behavior system for getting a sentence reduced. This can happen by being a trustee or by participating in the Sheriff's Work Program. The amount of time removed varies from inmate to inmate and also depends on the judge and the sheriff making the decision. Fighting and arguing cancels out these chances.

Some inmates at Jackson County find it difficult to stay in shape, even as a gym area is provided with a basketball hoop. Some inmates pass the time reading books from the library or sleeping. Inmates are never allowed to go outside. Church services are offered once a week.

Phones and visitors in the Jackson County Jail
Inmates are given regular phone access during the week. These calls can either be made using a phone card that is prepaid or by calling collect. Many opt to buying phone cards to call cell phones of friends and family.

Jackson County inmates are allowed visitors once a week. The time allowance for visiting depends on the inmate. Trustees are allowed one-hour visitations while regular inmates are allowed only fifteen-minute visitations. Visitors are required to sign in before a visit and must wait through security. Visits take place in small cubical areas separated by glass windows. Conversation is allowed through telephones.