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Ramsey County Jail Inmates

Ramsey County Jail inmates are usually classified by one word: loud. Because of this trouble pops up more often than not. Trouble begins in the holding cells, which are clean with a phone and several benches to sit on. Twenty to thirty people can be in one holding cell for up to twelve hours. This is for both men and women.

Staying out of trouble in Ramsey County Jail
Though Ramsey County may be loud, inmates usually keep to themselves for security. Conversations are lacking and quiet inmates are excessive. Many keep to the theme of minding their own business and staying out of arguments no matter the agreement or disagreement. Nevertheless some tend to reside with those deemed "troublemakers," though it does not happen often. Being a quiet inmate does have its advantages. By avoiding fights with others, cooperating with officials, and following the set rules of Ramsey County, inmates can get time off their sentences for good behavior. This is an often occurrence for first offense inmates.

Ramsey County jail is broken up into blocks that are broken up into pods. Each pod is lettered alphabetically and holds specific inmates serving for sex crimes, murder, and so on. Those inmates that have been evaluated as mentally unstable - as for past suicidal acts - a special pod is assigned with few other inmates. This pod is to keep inmates safe from themselves and others.

Meals in the Ramsey County Jail
No matter where inmates are housed in Ramsey County, each receives three meals a day. These meals have a large scale of likeability. Some have rated the food very high-excellent, while others rate it very low-poor. The favorite food item is often a hot roast beef sub sandwich with cheese and onions. Some dislike the food no matter what is served. For those that distaste the food, a vending machine is located in every pod. If an inmate has money in his or her account, the vending machines can be used daily.

Inmates find it hard to stay in shape most of the time because a majority of the day they are in their cells. But when they are out, board games and radio are offered, and television and books are available. A small concrete area is designated for those wanting to walk for exercise. Church services are offered, but inmates never go outside.

Phones can be difficult sometimes. An account must be set up with the phone company before collect calls are made. There is also a phone card option. No matter how phone calls are made, collect or prepaid, all calls are screened by Ramsey County employees. Visitations are made through a small television in an open environment, so no personal contact is made. Despite the ability to visit people inmates are usually lonely. One former inmate commented that the time was often spent thinking about how to cooperate with the law in the future and why she was in jail in the first place. Many spend a majority of time thinking about freedom and family.

When entering Ramsey County inmates exchange their street clothes for orange hospital scrubs with matching top and bottoms. This is the same for both men and women and no matter the sentencing crime.