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Jefferson County Jail Inmates

When inmates enter Jefferson County Jail it is never what they expect. Sentences can run from a few days to a few years depending on the crime or crimes committed.

Most inmates are first taken to a crowded booking cell where they are given a jail uniform and a identification card to be worn on the wrist. These uniforms are typically blue short-sleeved shirts with matching pants and flip flops, but colors can be different among the men and women.

Afterward each is assigned to a block. Jefferson County holds seven floors with four cell pods. Each pod holds between twenty and twenty-five inmates at a time. Each pod is lettered alphabetically with A for the trustees, B for those on medium security, C for those on maximum security, and D for those on minimum security.

Two pay phones are kept in each pod for inmates to make collect calls at a dollar a minute for a maximum of twenty minutes in a single call. Jefferson County staff screen all telephone calls. Inmates are also allowed visitation privileges twice a week and are scheduled by last name. Most visitors do not have a long waiting period if visits are planned in advance. Visitations take place behind a thick glass that separates the inmates from the visitors, and conversation is made through a telephone.

Passing time in Jefferson County Jail
Jefferson County inmates spend most of their leisure time reading from an endless law library, playing ball outside in the courtyard, sleeping, exercising, or watching television. Inmates are allowed out into the courtyard once a week. A working television schedule is abided by in each pod - depending on the day of the week, a particular room has access to the television.

Sunday school and mass are also offered on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Despite these activities many inmates find it difficult to stay in shape. They are allowed out of their pods for up to twenty hours during the day but must return to their pods following dinner service. The inmates refer to this as lockdown.

Jail Meals
Meals are provided three times a day. Breakfast is at six thirty with eggs, biscuits, and coffee. Lunch is served at eleven with hot dogs, beans, and cake, sometimes. This is usually called the best meal. Dinner comes at five with spaghetti, vegetables, and biscuits. Other foods were offered through commissary when a sheet is filled out. The next week the requested items are received if an inmates has that money on his or her books. Medications are also dispensed twice a day.

Making the best of it
At times inmates are let off on good behavior, which can be as much as half a sentence. This is done through avoiding fights, obeying guards, and fulfilling assigned chores. Those that are found with drugs or tobacco can add to their existing sentences. Because inmates are unhappy about their circumstances, many are difficult to live with. A former inmate described most inmates as moody and temperamental. So most inmates choose to stay to themselves and refuse to make "friends." Other times inmates are accepted by fellow inmates and form crews for protection.

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