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Clackamas County Jail Inmates

Clackamas County Jail is like almost any other county jailing facility. Inmates can reside in Clackamas County anywhere from a few days to a few years. Some inmates make returning to Clackamas County a regular habit, or as some would say, they just cannot stay away. While some cannot stay away, others cannot wait to leave.

How jail works
Former inmates have commented on how shocking the boredom in jail really is because there is absolutely nothing to do. Often times the nights are the most interesting but simply because they are loud. Sleeping becomes the favorite pastime habit. Other than for meals and duties, some remain in bed all day. The rest of the days are filled with reading newspapers and provided used books. Some choose to spend the evenings playing cards with one another. No matter the chosen pastime, the most common exercise that is regularly practiced is quiet. To avoid conflicts with others and trouble with the guards, inmates keep to themselves. Most do not even ask personal information about others unless it is offered first. With this practice, inmates do try to respect one another and not judge because everyone in Clackamas County has made at least one mistake.

Rewards for good behavior
Inmates have the privilege of trying to shorten their sentences for good behavior. An inmate's sentence can be eliminated by as much as half, which can be several months or several days.

Cell Blocks
Clackamas County is arranged in cell blocks that are organized in alphabetical order, such as cell block B. Every Friday inmates are matrixed out.

Other than reading and playing cards, some inmates try to keep in shape by exercising. Since space is minimal as well as options, these exercises usually include sit ups, walking, and pushups.

Phone availiability and visitation policies
Clackamas County inmates are allowed phone privileges on a regular basis. Calls are usually collect calls and can be expensive. Visitor privileges are given twice a week. Unlike other facilities, visitors to Clackamas County have a short check-in time with security. Visitations take place in private booths. Former inmates say that the atmosphere is a little awkward at times but it is worth enduring to have visits from family members and friends. The environment is very loud and is not able to accommodate children very well so children are usually bored during visits.

The inmates of Clackamas County are served three meals each day. According to former inmates these meals are rated below average. One said that on a scale of one to ten-with ten as the highest-that most meals rated at a four. Clackamas County meals resemble school cafeteria lunches. Meals are usually served very early in the day. Outside of meals no snacks are provided to inmates.

Medication procedures
Medications are regularly provided to inmates with prescriptions. Each morning and each evening inmates are called one by one to receive their medications from the guards. Some jailing facilities are not prompt with providing medications, even for long-term sentences. Clackamas County has all medications available, even for those sentences for only a few days.

Uniform appearance
During their stay inmates are given dark blue uniforms that resemble hospital scrubs with matching top and bottoms. Those serving as trustees wear orange uniforms instead.