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Cobb County Jail Inmates

When entering Cobb County Jail inmates are automatically given new clothing in replacement for street clothes. For both men and women the attire is the same: undergarments, socks, a pullover shirt, matching pants, and rubber shoes. However these do range in color. Most inmates wear blue clothing, but the more violent inmates wear orange.

After dressing inmates are taken to assigned blocks that are called Pods and are marked from A to Z. An infirmary is also available as well as a short-term Pod for those serving seven to ten days. Nicknames and numbers have been given to each Pod that corresponds to each letter. Each Pod is different with dissimilar inmates being held from felonies to misdemeanors. Other times Pods hold inmates on various kinds of charges from bank robbery to murder to shoplifting to thievery.

When entering a Pod for the first time inmates are given a bunk with sheets, blankets, soap, and a toothbrush. Overall Cobb County is kept around sixty degrees to slow infectious diseases from spreading.

Avoid fighting
Bottom bunks are on high demand and have waiting lists. Those that attempt to get a bottom bunk without having waited cause fights among the inmates. Fights are common at Cobb County so many inmates choose to keep quiet and to themselves. While the male Pods have physical arguments, the female Pods house verbal arguments. One inmate commented that most of the inmates are nice but are angry about their situations, which leads to trouble. Unlike many other county facilities, most inmates don't get off for good behavior.

Leisure time
Leisure time is spent reading books from the law library, playing cards, attending prayer groups, and playing checkers. Television is available but has a long waiting list. GED classes are also offered as well as church services, which are held several times a week.

Most inmates are allowed outside once a week depending on the weather, while others remain in their Pods at all times. Most inmates prefer sleeping to any other activity. During this time they are awaken every six hours for head count and then allowed to continue sleeping.

Visitors are allowed two to three times a week. Inmates are permitted to a list of five people and one visit per day. Some visitors have a long waiting period each time they visit but those that are scheduled go more quickly. Visits take place through a video screen that is similar to a webcam. Inmates are also able to make thirty-minute collect calls starting at $1.67 and up per call. Phone access runs from six in the morning to ten in the evening, and calls are often screened.

Cobb County Jail provides three meals a day. These meals come in cafeteria-style entrees. Chicken and cereal have been reported as the favorites while fish and sponge cake are the least favorite. Inmates are also able to obtain items through commissary and paid books. A paper sheet is filled out and the following week the items are received. Commissary ordering is done once a week and has a forty-dollar limit to each person. Other personal items can be purchased with sweatshirts and socks at the highest demand.