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Escambia County Jail Inmates

Going to jail is an unpleasant experience, no matter how you look at it. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but some get caught and end up serving time. If you're getting ready to go to Escambia County Jail, below is some information that may help you get through your jail experience.

The standard issue clothing at Escambia County Jail is a jumpsuit and flip flops. Men and women wear the same clothing. Some inmates say to look for a jumpsuit that has buttons in tact. Some of the jump suits may not be in the best shape, so if you can search for one that looks to be in good condition.

Before you are booked into jail, wear a plain white t-shirt, white underwear, and white socks. Escambia County Jail will let you keep your white underclothing and that's it. If you can, wear really thick socks...they will help you later on.

Meal Time
Meals in jail are less than desirable, but you will get three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many former inmates complain that the food is fattening and not delicious. This is jail, so you won't find 5-star dining here. The best you can hope for here is for the ability to tolerate the meals. Snacks, like crackers and milk, are sometimes provided as well.

You can have visitors once a day at Escambia County Jail. Visitors must go through the check-in process, which can be lengthy at times. Inmates visit with guests through a piece of glass that separates the inmate and the visitor. The visiting room is often very noisy, so it can be hard to hear what the other person is saying.

Receiving Mail
Inmates can receive outside mail while they are in jail. It's best to have friends and family send mail through USPS. Inmates can receive books, letters, and magazines. If your friends and family send mail through other services besides USPS, they do run the risk of being returned to the sender.

There are some entertainment choices you can take advantage of to help pass the time. There is an outside courtyard where many inmates like to play basketball. The competition can be intense at times, but it's also nice to get outside. Outdoor time can be taken away if your block has misbehaved or has the privilege revoked. Many inmates enjoy going to church or reading a book as well.

Other Advice
Sometimes the best way to pass the time and make it through unscarred is to keep to yourself. Don't cause trouble and you'll receive better treatment. Find a book, make friends, and keep out of any drama and you'll have the most pleasant experience you can.

When it's time for you to head to Escambia County Jail, keep these tips in mind to help you have the best possible experience. Being in jail is never ideal, but there are a few things you can do to make the situation better. Behave and do what you're told and you'll likely stay out of any trouble.