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Fulton County Jail Inmates

Fulton County Jail holds various inmates in several blocks. Each block holds varying inmates. One block holds those in a class called the New Beginning Class. Inmates sign up for this class, which lasts a week, and helps individuals work to find new beginnings in their lives. Many sign up to attend the class, but those with drug related problems are usually chosen first. The New Beginning block only holds members of the class and is headed by a social worker, who teaches inmates how to map their lives in a positive manner.

Because most inmates never leave their blocks, they usually do not know how many blocks reside in Fulton County. Inmates are only allowed inside their blocks and the medical block. Nevertheless all blocks are given a letter for identification. Because inmates often do not leave their blocks, they normally do not see any other inmates other than when visiting the dentist, the doctor, or church services.

Visiting the jail
Inmates are given visiting privileges once a week. Even with this option, some inmates choose to never see visitors. Attorneys are allowed easy access to the inmates with a limited waiting period. Visitations take place behind a glass window and with a phone for listening and speaking.

Phone availability and costs
Fulton County inmates are also allowed phone access during the day every day. These times begin at eight in the morning and end at ten thirty at night. There is also an additional phone for public defender calls. When a block is placed in lockdown as punishment for poor behavior, the phones are shut off. All phone calls are screened and cost fifty cents or more as all calls are made collect.

Recreation time
During lockdowns inmates also lose other privileges, such as television access. Inmates are allowed thirty minutes of gym time for basketball and walking each day. During lockdown and room checks there is no gym time. Inmates are only allowed out of doors during community work and for smoking. Church services are offered every Sunday for an hour. The services are given by a different person each week.

What to watch out for
For those who stay out of trouble good time is offered. Three days of good time are offered per month. But for those who break rules while fighting or having contraband this privilege is lost. Some inmates have trouble getting along with others and create arguments. Many arguments arise during meal times and bathroom times. To work towards good time, a majority of inmates try to make friends by giving away food and walking away from fights.

Meals and quality
Fulton County inmates are given three meals a day. Breakfast is served at five thirty in the morning with lunch and dinner to follow later in the day. Unlike other jailing facilities, Fulton County meals are usually classified as good with the spaghetti as a favorite.

Commissary, medications, and uniforms
Other foods can be purchased on commissary for those with money on their books. Medications are brought twice a day by a nurse, who comes to each block at noon and later in the evening. Fulton County inmates are provided with navy uniforms as well as other undergarments. Sweatshirts can be borrowed also.