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Utah County Jail Inmates

How can I find an inmate that is currently in the Utah County Jail? Is this information available online?

Yes, the Utah County Jail now allows their inmate roster to be viewed online (previously it was only accessible via law enforcement officers by using a password). This information can only be used for an individual's use (ie, you cannot use a software program to access the website automatically).

You can view the Utah County Jail inmate locator online here: Utah County Inmate Search

Note that this website only shows information for current inmates and anybody who has been in the jail within the past two years. If you need information on somebody who was released more than two years ago you should still be able to find out the details by contacting the county clerk.

What is the Utah County Jail like?
If you know somebody in the Utah County Jail you may have some questions about what jail life is really like. The jail will provide you with some limited information, but for a real behind-the-scenes glimpse based on interviews from ex-inmates, you should read the unofficial guide to the Utah County Jail.

The Utah County Jail is located in Spanish Fork, which is south of Provo. It is easily accessible from the I-15 freeway and is a surprisingly large facility for such a small county.