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Chatham County Jail Inmates

Chatham County Jail inmates say to avoid trouble whenever possible. But is it really that easy? For some yes but others no. For those on the easy side it is as simple as agreeing with what other inmates think or say and backing down when problems arise. And for those that find avoiding trouble difficult their stay at Chatham County Jail is a little less pleasant. Unfortunately for those that do stay out of trouble there is little reward as many do not get time off of their jail sentences for good behavior.

Jail Layout
Chatham County has six blocks that the inmates know by made up names. Each block depicts those housed inside: those with drugs relation, the religious, those of varying mental states, the violent, the aging, and those awaiting a life in prison. Though these may not be the official block names, many are not exactly sure of their real names.

The good news is that most people in Chatham County honestly try to better their lives while in jail. This fact can make time spent in jail a little easier than it could be, but this depends on the block. Even as some are looking for change, other inmates continue to obtain drugs and instigate violence during holding. Using drugs can lead to being locked in a cell for up to ten days.

Daily inmate life
Though time in Chatham County Jail may be better than other facilities, the inmates are still prisoners. At the beginning a prisoner is taken to a holding cell with fifteen to twenty others. For many this is a disagreeable experience. After entering an assigned block, inmates are given a green short-sleeved shirt and matching pants. These are the same for both men and women. In order to stay warm, thermal wear and other clothing must be additionally purchased as well as undergarments. This is a must for a majority of inmates say the blocks are very cold.

On a daily basis inmates are allowed outside into an area half the size of a basketball court where they may exercise. When not outside inmates spend much of their time watching TV with closed captioning. Even as the TV may be seen an item of leisure, fights often break out between inmates due to agreement or disagreement of what to watch.

Church services are offered on Mondays and Thursdays to those who would like to attend. Contact with the outside world can be expensive. All phone calls are collect and visitors spend more time waiting to be seen than being seen. Check in can sometimes take two or three hours for a twenty-minute visit behind clear glass. Saturday and Sunday are Chatham County's visitor days.

Inmates receive three meals a day in small amounts. Some inmates have reported that the chicken is the best and is often traded for other items. Snacks can be bought but are at a higher cost than can be obtained outside of jail. Money is obtained through personal books. Ex-inmates suggest placing money on books prior to entering jail so that extra food and clothing can be bought. Medications are regularly distributed in generic versions to save cost.