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Tehama County Jail Inmates

Tehama County Jail is a holding facility much like any other in the country. Inmates are held in blocks on various floors. The block which each inmate is housed depends on the charges against each. Normally those charged for similar or the same crimes are kept in the same blocks. Those on maximum security are often together while those of medium security are also held in the same block. Inmates serving sentences for felonies or kept apart from those who are serving for misdemeanors and so on. Each block does not have its own specific name but is referred to as Cell Side and Dorm. Because most inmates never leave their blocks, the majority does not even know how many blocks reside in Tehama County.

Unique jail clothing
No matter the charges that each inmate is being held for, each inmate wears jail clothing. Unlike other jailing facilities that have inmates wear orange jumpsuits or blue hospital scrubs with matching top and bottoms, Tehama County only requires inmates to wear khaki clothing. The attire can fluctuate with various items. But no matter the style, everything is always in the color of khaki. The men and women of Tehama County wear different clothing nonetheless.

Entering jail
Some inmates are kept in a holding cell before and after sentencing and before they are placed in permanent blocks. These stays can range from a few hours to several hours. Tehama County has another difference besides uniforms from other jailing facilities: the choice of cellmate. Inmates are allowed to choose an inmate to cell with, most of the time. If a cell is not available, this privilege will not happen.

Avoiding lockdowns
Because of the types of inmates held in each block, often times the blocks will be placed on lockdown for bad behavior. Guards can also initiate lockdowns due to fighting. Those who have good behavior may receive time off of their sentences. The most one can receive off is three months though usually it is less. The easiest was to do this is to not be written up. To avoid fights inmates often stay in their rooms and avoid contact with others.

Phone access
Tehama County inmates are also given other privileges, such as phone access. This happens at various intervals, yet at times the phone connections are faulty or the background noise can make the calls difficult to hear. All calls are made collect and phone cards are not necessary.

Recreation and visitation policy
Because there are few provided activities, many inmates choose to work out and stay in shape. This kind of exercise usually consists of walking, sit ups, and push ups. Inmates are allowed outside once a week. Church services are also offered throughout the week. Visitors are also allowed twice a week. Unlike other facilities, the waiting time for visitors to pass through security is rather short. The visitation area is rated relatively low.

Meals and extra food
Tehama County inmates are served three meals a day every day. Most inmates rate the food as poor in quality. No other foods are offered outside of meals, but canteen is offered about once a week to those with money on their books.