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Oklahoma County Jail Inmates

Oklahoma County Jail holds inmates of all different calibers. Some inmates choose to cause trouble for themselves and others while other inmates choose to live their sentences to their best. Inmates may not be friends, necessarily, but there is often a large level of respect and camaraderie among the many inmates of Oklahoma County.

Each cell is different from the next. Some cells are in lockdown for a majority of the day while others are not. Some cells, both men and women cells, are placed in lockdown for seventy-two hours straight. During this time showers are not allowed. Also during this time inmates are given little to do beside read, sleep, and talk to their cellmates. Inmates often keep to themselves out of safety defense. Oklahoma County has eight stories of cells in its facilities. These cells are labeled in alphabetically order. Inmates sentenced for misdemeanors and felonies are held on different floors than the other inmates. Men are held in different cells than the women.

Before inmates enter these cells they are placed in holding cells. Inmates can wait from five to ten hours both before and after sentencing before being placed in permanent blocks.

Free time
When not on lockdown inmates are allowed out of their cells in the middle of the day for recreation time. During this time inmates pass the limited hours by playing cards, watching television, and visiting with other inmates that are not their cellmates.

Even though recreation time is a change to lockdown, it is still monotonous for most because it is always the same. Some blocks are held on lockdown with one hour out every seventy-two hours. This kind of lockdown can span an inmate's entire sentence. Inmates are never allowed out of doors, which is unlike other jailing facilities. In addition to recreation time, inmates are also offered church services throughout the week if desired. Some are regular attendees, some do not care, and others attend for simply something to do.

Visitor policy
Oklahoma County allows visitors every Tuesday and Saturday. These visits are often short and are no contact visits between inmate and visitor. Though visits are offered twice a week, some inmates never receive visitors during their sentences, even as it may be years at a time.

Phone policy
Phone privileges are only offered occasionally. Some receive access in their cells, others only in their hour break from lockdown, and others never at all are allowed phone access. All calls are made collect, and the money for the calls goes to the jail directly. Phone calls are screened by the jailing staff.

Meal and medication distribution
Meals are given three times a day. These are often rated low by inmates. No other foods are provided between meals. Medications are distributed as needed.

Jail uniforms
When entering Oklahoma County, inmates exchange their street clothes for jail uniforms. These uniforms include a shirt with matching pants with an elastic waistband. Male inmates wear blue uniforms and female inmates wear orange uniforms. Former inmates suggest staying out of trouble and bad situation because it is often not worth the effort.