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DeKalb County Jail Inmates

When referring to those housed in the DeKalb County Jail, one past inmate said that those inside are not bad individuals, just people that have made mistakes in life. Unlike some county jails, DeKalb County inmates take care of one another while serving sentences.

Some Jail Facts
A common practice that has now been extinguished is let inmates choose cells. This practice caused problems so a random picking has been acquired. There are seven blocks to a floor with each floor bearing a letter of the alphabet. Each block is then numbered one through seven.

Blocks are broken up by the crimes committed as to keep other inmates of lesser misdemeanors safe from those of higher offenses. The highest offenders are kept on floor eight. The most violent inmates are kept on floor seven. The fifth floor houses those being sentenced for misdemeanors. And the fourth floor is reserved for those with medical histories.

Time off for good behavior
Even as DeKalb County tries to keep inmates safe and out of trouble, some continue to fight and are charged with possession while incarcerated. Those that do stay out of trouble's palm are usually let off for good behavior. To do this inmates keep to themselves and try to not act afraid or isolated to draw in negative attention. The opposite behavior is also under-looked.

DeKalb County inmates receive three meals a day. The quality of the meals is rated on an ever-changing scale. Some say the food is a one on a scale of one to ten, while others have rated it as a solid seven. By far the chicken is said to be the best dinner meal with peanut butter as the best lunch. Inmates with health issues, such as diabetes, often receive additional meals where others do not. But no matter what food is eaten or what medication is received, every inmate wears the same clothing. The first thing that happens to inmates upon sentencing is receiving an orange top with matching pants as well as slip on flip flops. These uniforms resemble hospital scrubs.

Passing the time
The inmates of DeKalb County pass the time doing different activities. Some choose to read magazines and books. Others enjoy recreation and basketball. And some play checkers and cards, work on crossword puzzles, study the bible, or walk outside. Inmates are allowed outside between once a week or once a day if weather permits. A television is also provided but arguments often arise over which shows to watch and at what time. Other arguments break out over personal possessions like cards. Inmates often attend church services to pass the time and to reflect on why they are in jail.

DeKalb County inmates are given phone privileges for two to three hours twice a day. Calls are made for three dollars by collect. Visitors are also allowed three or four times a week. However every inmate is not given privileges each day. Times are decided alphabetically where half the inmates are given two days during the week and the other half are given the other two days. Visits take place in two small aisles that hold seats. The aisles are separated by clear glass, and inmates converse with their visitors via telephone.