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Bexar County Jail Inmates

Bexar County Jail offers a variety of different classes and groups for its inmates. Those that choose to participate are given the opportunity to take computer classes, bible classes, and GED classes. Also AA and NA meetings are provided as well as a library, games, television, books for reading, church services, and art and crafts projects.

Basketball is provided in a caged basketball court that is provided each day. A large recreation area resides on the sixth floor with foozball tables and a basketball court. Those that choose to workout either do so in their own rooms or in the recreation yard. Inmates are only allowed in this area if the weather permits and are never allowed outside.

Church services
A variety of church services are provided at Bexar County, which are given daily in each pod's visitation room. Mass is also offered on the seventh floor each Sunday.

Inmates are broken up into three towers and twelve blocks that are called pods. These are lettered alphabetically. These pods include a medical pod, normal pods, and solitary pods. Before placement inmates are interviewed by an officer and asked personal questions, such as schooling, gang status, sexual orientation, ect., to determine which pod is best for each inmate.

Phone availability
A tower has four phones available while B and C towers only have two phones each. When the phones are working, twenty-minute calls may be made through calling cards or calling collect. Calls usually go for ten to fifteen dollars apiece. Calling cards are limited, so each inmate is limited to a certain amount, even as they are cheaper than calling collect. These cards are bought on commissary.

Commissary, meals, and medication
Commissary also allows the purchase of foods with the money being deducted from an inmate's account. Many choose to buy extra food in addition to the three meals provided daily. Those that do extra work are allowed an extra tray. Trustees are allowed extra food when they work as well as full commissary opportunities. Breakfast is usually the favorite meal with pancakes or baked chicken at dinner. Medications are provided through a pharmacy technician or a nurse and a medication cart. Those that abuse drugs while incarcerated receive additional charges and are placed in lockdown.

Benefits of good behavior
When inmates follow the set rules, good behavior can save them time. Every three days served equals one day of free time. This often breaks down where a sentence of three months can be reduced to one month if an inmate is a trustee. To achieve this, inmates must stay out of trouble, stay away from contraband, and receive no discipline report. Drugs, hair bands, fighting, and having food at inappropriate times also eliminates good behavior chances.

Visitations depend on a schedule, which is based on each inmate's last name. These are usually three times a week for about two hours at a time. Visitations take place behind glass and through telephones in a crowded room. Those that are in the P.A.T.C.H. program can see their children on the weekends.

All inmates are provided with jail uniforms. The women wear blue and the men wear orange. Both wear orange flip flops and are provided with three white t-shirts and undergarments.