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Summit County Jail Inmates

Inmates of Summit County Jail begin their stay with several hours in a holding cell. This can take up to twelve hours or more. These holding cells hold on average fifteen or more occupants at any time. Some inmates are waiting to be booked while others are waiting to be sentenced. No matter what the occupants are waiting for the area is often overcrowded. At night mats are provided and are placed very close together - this eliminates any walking room.

After sentencing, inmates are given distinct uniforms. Summit County uniforms are striped and vary to the crime. Most inmates wear black and white striped uniforms, while some wear red and white striped uniforms. Those that are red and white signify more the problematic inmates. Both men and women are given the same uniforms.

Summit County inmates are housed in pods that range in number from one and up. There are special blocks for those with medical needs, men, women, those that cause trouble, the promiscuous, and the dangerous. Most inmates say that the experience in the holding cells are far worse than the pods. Nevertheless problems arise often. These problems include fighting, both physically and verbally. To avoid these issues, most inmates choose to keep to themselves and mind their own business as not be picked on and chosen for negative attention from others.

Time off for good behavior
When inmates maintain good behavior, they often receive time off of their assigned sentences. Inmates will received added time on top of a current sentence if found abusing drugs. Those that argue with others or the deputies find themselves staying in Summit County for the entire duration of their sentences. Most inmates choose to not attract attention to themselves and choose to do as they are told.

How to pass the time
Inmates pass the time by participating in a handful of provided activities. Summit County provides a library of books, church services, and an open gym. Church services are held in a room across the hall from the pods and are open for small groups to attend.

Even if weather permits, inmates rarely leave the jail to go outside for yard time. Because of this inmates often find it difficult to stay in shape because sleeping is usually a favorite pastime. Pods are often held on lockdown for twenty or more hours during the day for various reasons. Each pod houses fifty or more individuals at one time. A television is also provided in each pod and can be watched by twenty inmates at a time.

Inmates are given phone privileges through the week. Phone calls are made via collect, and calls are screened by the Summit County staff. Visitors are also permitted once a week. Inmates must fill out a paper form three days in advance to be approved. Because of this process some inmates never receive visitors. Visits are made in small cubicles behind a glass window via phones. This eliminates any personal contact between inmates and visitors.

Three meals are provided every day. However the food is rated low by past inmates. Snacks and other items can be bought through commissary. Inmates are provided with medication through purchase, which is disbursed at seven in the morning by a nurse.