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Spokane County Jail Inmates

Jail Layout
Spokane County Jail holds hundreds of inmates at one single time. Each is held on one of nine floors. Each floor is numbered and sectioned off as either east or west. Letters include the floor number and an E for east or a W for west. The first two floors are intake areas and offices. Each block is also named.

Inmates are housed altogether despite the crimes committed, except for those of violent crimes - they are held in one block always from others. Normally the type of crime committed determines the block assigned. Each block is kept very clean, similar to military standards.

Getting time off for good behavior
Some inmates have difficulty getting along with others so they keep to themselves. Others have no difficulty interacting but name any disagreements on issues of respect for others. If Spokane County inmates avoid fighting, keep away from drugs, and obey the jail rules, they have the ability to eliminate a portion of their sentences. As much as fifty percent of a sentence can be taken off, or two to one, if inmates stay out of trouble. Additional charges are given to those who abuse drugs.

Passing the time in jail
To stay out of trouble, Spokane County inmates try to occupy themselves with activities. Spokane County Jail offers a television, basketball, games, chess, various books for reading, and bible study to occupy leisurely time. Because there is physical activity available, most inmates have no difficulty staying in shape while incarcerated.

Some inmates say it is easy to physically stay in shape but some have difficulty mentally remaining sound, which is an ongoing struggle when confined for long periods of time. Inmates are not allowed out of doors even as there is a basketball court. This court is located in a courtyard that is blocked off, yet it is still not outside. Church services are offered several times a week, which many inmates choose to attend.

Phone calls/visiting an inmate
Contact with the outside in somewhat limited and depends on the crime committed. Phone access is the easiest to obtain and takes place whenever inmates are allowed out of their cells. Inmates are allowed out of their cells at different times, which depends, again, on what crimes have been committed. However the phone costs are quite high, and all calls are screened by the Spokane County staff. A sign posted near the phones reminds inmates of this.

Personal visitations are allowed twice a week. There is a long wait for visitors to see inmates at times. Visits take place behind glass windows in separated booths. Conversations are held over telephones, and no personal contact allowed.

Eating in jail
Spokane County inmates receive three meals a day. Breakfast and lunch are the same each day. Sandwiches normally are served at lunch. Dinner is the only meal to change each day and is served in small portions. Inmates often rate the meals as below average.

Commissary is offered once a week but only for those with money in their accounts. A nurse disperses medications during the day. When entering Spokane County, inmates are given orange uniforms as well as undergarments, socks, and sandals. These are the same for both men and women, though the colors may vary for crimes committed.