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Pima County Jail Inmates

Pima County Jail inmates spend their sentences wearing bright uniforms. When entering Pima County inmates exchange their street clothes for orange jumpsuits with white t-shirts. Whether they are men or women, high security or average security, all inmates wear the same color.

Housing situation
Inmates are housed on four levels with several pods on each floor. Pima County has four buildings for its hundreds of inmates. Each pod is coded with a number and a letter starting with 1A. Special blocks hold different inmates. Some inmates are kept away from the others, such as those on trial for prison, sex offenders, and murderers. These inmates are held in lockdown for a week or more to evaluate their civility and then are placed with the rest of the inmate populace.

Good behavior benefits
Like other jailing facilities, Pima County does not go without its share of fighting. Many instigate fights while others stay to themselves to avoid them. Depending on the pod, inmates bond with one another and watch out for each other. This is not typically common elsewhere but does happen at Pima County often. Avoiding fights and problems can have its benefits. Good behavior leads, many times, to early releasing. Pima County houses many inmates so this system helps eliminate overcrowding and provides space for new inmates. Some get two months off, but the usual good behavior releasing in fifteen percent off a sentence according to state law. Anything that causes harm to anyone else leads to loss of a chance to time off.

Yard time and leisure activities
Inmates are allowed outside for yard time once a week unless there is a security override. During a security override everything in jail is halted and some privileges are revoked. For free time inmates are allowed to watch television, listen to the radio, play cards and chess, and sometimes inmates play craps. Each floor has two televisions for fifty inmates at a single time. Arguments often arise because of the televisions. In this leisure time some choose to exercise and stay in shape, but others go not.

Church and phone availability
Church services are also offered to those wishing to attend. Inmates are given phone privileges every day unless there is a security override and a lockdown begins. All calls are screen by Pima County staff members. These calls are all collect and are expensive. Calling cards are not necessary for local and long distance calls but are required for those calls going out of the country. Calls out of the United States are usually made to Mexico.

Visitor policy
Pima County inmates are allowed visitors once a week. Visitors usually must arrive several hours early because the check in to see an inmate is rather lengthy. Visits are made through television monitors via a web camera with a phone for the visitor and one for the inmate.

Meals and snacks
Inmates are served three meals a day. Some inmates rate the food as above average where others rate it below average. Snacks are only provided on Fridays with popcorn and soda pop. Every other day of the week there is no other food offer outside of meals.