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Lee County Jail Inmates

Lee County Jail incarceration almost always begins in a holding cell - at times inmates surpass this part of entering. A future inmate may reside in a holding cell anywhere from five to twelve plus hours. Dozens and dozens of people are held these cells, and there is little space to sit or stand comfortably. After exchanging street clothes for red jumpsuits, inmates are taken to their cells. Not all jumpsuits are created alike and men and women often wear different colored uniforms.

Jail Layout
Lee County Jail has eight blocks with multiple pods in each block. These pods are lettered alphabetically. Inmates are separated into blocks via crimes committed. One block holds those serving for sex crimes, one holds murders, another holds those serving a sentence for misdemeanors, and so on. Both blocks and pods look exactly the same no matter the inmates held inside.

Inmates at Lee County are able to receive three months or less off a jail sentencing if good behavior is followed. However trouble grows daily in each pod. Often times some inmates "look" for trouble and others find themselves tumbling in the mix. Good behavior is hard to come by. Inmates work hard, stay away from the day rooms, and blend in with others to avoid the inevitable trouble.

Stuff to do in jail
But what else is there to do other than try to not get hit? Cards and television are usually the main entertainment during the day. Staying in shape is not difficult, so inmates practice push ups, sit ups, and other exercises to keep busy and to stay in shape. Most blocks are allowed outside every day. Church services are also offered on Sundays in a special meeting room.

Lee County serves three meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - without anything in between. So inmates have the option of receiving additional food via canteen. Mediations are dispensed three times a day.

Inmates also have contact with others outside of Lee County in two ways: the telephone and visitors. Telephone privileges are given to each inmate although problems arise around controlling the phones. Lee County workers screen all calls for safety.

Visitors are allowed once a week, but unlike other county facilities, Lee County inmates do not see their visitors in person. Rather than sit behind a glass window, inmates see their visitors on a small television screen. This makes the visits a bit impersonal but keeps others safe. Visitors often come earlier than planned because there is often an hour or more waiting period.

When inmates abuse drugs while incarcerated, their visitation privileges are revoked and they are locked away in a different block. Due to this lack of physical contact, inmates also receive mail. One former inmate said that letters from home help more than anything else. Many inmates, thus, spend their days writing letters. Lee County can be a lonely place but a majority of inmates trust no one else and nearly all stand their ground in fights. A former inmate said that it is best to just be yourself, even when others try to break you down.