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Kern County Jail Inmates

Kern County Jail provides its inmates with specific uniforms when they first enter. These uniforms resemble hospital scrubs and come in various colors. The color of uniform depends on where each inmate is housed. Some inmates wear orange tops and bottoms, some wear blue tops and bottoms, and others wear brown tops and bottoms. Men and women wear the same uniform.

Block assortment
Kern County has multiple inmates so it holds three jails with many blocks. These blocks are broken up into different names, such as A Pod, B Pod, A Deck, B Deck, Barracks 1, and Barracks 2. Where inmates are kept depends on the crime committed. These break ups include those on different security regimes, such as maximum, medium, and minimum, and specific crimes, such as misdemeanors and murder.

Even though inmates are separated, problems arise nonetheless. Some inmates are easy to get along with while others are not. Many inmates have the understanding that since they are in jail they are all going through the same thing so they might as well stick it out together. A majority of inmates find it easiest to follow the set rules so things do not get too far out of hand.

Benefits of good behavior
Inmates are given the privilege of time off for good behavior. At Kern County time is kept as every two days of imprisonment, one free day is given. This usually amounts to serving only two-thirds of a sentence. Early release is only given to those that are eligible. Some choose to stay out of the politics of good behavior and just try to serve their sentences quietly.

Phone access
Inmates are given regular phone access throughout their sentences. Kern County inmates are allowed to make collect calls or to use phone cards. Calling cards can be purchased through commissary, but only if an inmate has money on his or her books. On average a call using a phone card costs approximately six dollars for a fifteen-minute phone call. Collect calls cost more and are charged to the callee. Kern County screens all phone calls.

Leisure, exercise, and church
During leisure time inmates are given access to the yard and a television. Because there are few things to do other than sleep, many inmates choose to workout. Many inmates leave Kern County in better shape than when they entered. Inmates are allowed outside for an hour each day, which is abnormal for most jailing facilities. Church services are also offered on a regular basis throughout the week.

Visitor procedures
Visitation privileges are given twice a week for thirty minutes at a time. Visitors usually wait an extended period time in security before seeing inmates because there are so many inmates to accommodate. Visits take place behind glass windows and through telephones for security purposes.

Meals and medication
Inmates are served three meals a day. Two of these meals are hot meals and one of these meals is a sack lunch. Former inmates have said that the biscuits and the sack lunches are the best meals at Kern County. No other meals are provided outside of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Medications are provided daily via a jail nurse. Those that abuse drugs while incarcerated are brought up on additional charges.