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Pasco County Jail Inmates

Pasco County Jail holds inmates serving varying sentences from a few months to seven or more years. Those that stay for extended periods of time recommend that new inmates mind their own business to stay out of trouble and to relax because they are not going anywhere.

Jail clothing
All Pasco County inmates are provided with jailing uniforms in exchange for street clothing. These uniforms include jumpsuits, shorts, shirts, undergarments, and socks. The men wear blue jumpsuits while the women wear orange jumpsuits.

Housing divisions
Inmates are held in seven blocks lettered from A to G. These letterings are called pods. Each pod holds different kinds of inmates. The D pod holds women and non-violent offenders. Other blocks hold inmates on maximum security and varying crimes.

Inmate control
Pasco County has a tight hold over its inmates to keep problems at bay. Inmates are often on lockdown and attend roll call regularly. Knowing where each inmate is at all hours of the day eliminates the risk of trouble. Each pod is different in inmate relations. Some pods have fights regularly while other pods rarely do.

Good behavior and recreation
Those that stay out of trouble are able to earn portions of their freedom back. Good behavior gives three days of "good time" per month. But if any rules are broken or there is fighting or smuggling of contraband, "good time" is lost. To keep out of trouble inmates watch television, play card games, read books, play chess, and exercise. At times exercise includes push ups and sit ups. Some inmates lift water bags as weights, but it is considered contraband. Pasco County allows inmates to go outside four times a week where some jailing facilities never allow inmates out of doors. No church services are regularly offered, but inmates may sign up to visit a pastor one on one. These pastors often give out bibles.

Phone access
Inmates are given regular phone access during the day. Fifteen-minute calls can be made for two and a half dollars each. Pasco County screens phone calls randomly for security purposes.

Visitors and attornies
Visitors are also allowed three times a week. Check in for visitors usually takes over an hour, so it is recommended that visitors arrive early. These visits take place through television screens with no physical contact. Some inmates receive visitors on a regular basis while others never receive visitors during their stay at Pasco County. Attorney visits can take place whenever needed despite the four days a week visitation rule.

Inmates at Pasco County receive three meals a day in small portions. Most inmates name the chicken as their favorite and pasta as their least favorite meal. Since snacks are not provided between meals, commissary is available for all those with money on their books.

Commissary and medication
Commissary covers anything from snack foods, like chips and cookies, to personal hygiene items and soups. Medications are distributed by a nurse to each pod daily. Those that abuse drugs while incarcerated are placed in lockdown, lose any "good time" gained, and are usually given an additional sentence to the one or ones they already have.