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McCracken County Jail Inmates

Like many other county jail facilities McCracken County Jail has its share of inmate problems. Here some of these problems stem from gang association. Those that are not in gangs, or those of differing gangs, clash with their cellmates often. Issues arise with inmates in general, so many choose to keep to themselves and stay away from the others as much as possible to achieve a sense of safety.

Work and good behavior
A good behavior policy is in place a McCracken County but has specific rules. Only inmates of the D class are eligible, and the rules say that inmates must work fives days a week to receive one day of "good time." Cells are required to be clean and all jobs must be completed by nine at night. The work day begins at seven, but former inmates say that when on laundry duty it is difficult to get done on time because of the many clothing changes and cell searches during the day.

Jail size and cell system
A majority of inmates enter McCracken County on the weekends. It is a jail that is capable of holding just less than four hundred but at times holds about six hundred. There are varying cells available: three normal cells, two holding cells, two cells for suicidal inmates, four PC cells, and two normal cells for women inmates. The cells for men are numbered one through thirteen with the women inmate cells labeled WA and EA. Different blocks are also classified D and PC.

Free time and church services
When not working towards "good time," inmates spend their time in limited ways. Many choose to sleep while others work out in the gym. Exercise usually includes sit ups and push ups, but at times water bags are made, which are taken by the guards and punishment is distributed. Inmates are rarely allowed outside. Church services are offered every Thursday and Sunday for men and every Tuesday and Saturday for women.

Phone policy and costs
McCracken County inmates are allowed fifteen-minute local phone calls and three-minute long distance phone calls. Local calls are a dollar twenty-five to connect with twenty-five cents a minute there after. Long distance calls are a dollar seventy-five to connect with fifty cents a minute there after. Phone calls are made either via phone card or collect. There are two phones in each cell of eighteen inmates.

Visitors and visiting rules
Inmates are allowed fifteen-minute personal visits once a week. These visits can be suspended or cut short if a cell has caused trouble. Visitors must arrive early for a lengthy check in. Visits take place through telephones and behind glass windows. There is no contact. If visitors or inmates are too loud during visits, the visitors are asked to leave.

Meals and special exceptions
Inmates receive three meals a day. Meals are on a set schedule, which is repeated every week. Former inmates have noted that the barbeque chicken is good and the burritos are the usual favorite. There is no extra food between meals unless inmates are pregnant or are diabetic.

Uniform distribution
When entering McCracken County inmates are given specific jail uniforms. These are matching orange shirt and pants, undergarments, and white socks. For those that work for "good time," an orange shirt is given with blue pants with an orange stripe on the side for working outside. Socks are the one item on high demand.