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Fayette County Jail Inmates

Fayette County Jail is like any other county facility with many units for many inmates. Some inmates spend their first several hours in a holding cell while being booked - this can take several hours - others skip the holding cell and go straight to the residential blocks. These blocks hold twelve beds in eight rooms in a single unit.

Jail Layout
There are multiple units a Fayette County. Each is lettered A through L and then AA through LL. Inmates reside in particular cells depending on the sentenced crimes. This is to keep inmates safe and to keep the more dangerous inmates grouped together. Inmates often have difficulty getting along with other inmates, while many have no difficulty getting along with others at all. Much of the time inmates are able to choose a cell mate if cells are unoccupied.

Good behavior can lead to time off of outstanding inmate sentences but this can be rare and depends on the amount of time serving. Most do not get this privilege. But those who do, do so by being good and adhering to the rules. Avoiding trouble can be difficult, so past inmates recommend not looking for it. Being yourself can also help in the social aspects and lead to less trouble.

Follow the rules and stay out of trouble
The inmates of Fayette County have privileges if they follow the jail rules and stay out of trouble. Drug abuse while incarcerated is punishable and leads to isolation. Leisure activities range from sports to games and include basketball, board games, card games, television, and walking around a provided track. A competition accumulates around the television and leads to arguments. These are normally verbal arguments rather than physical.

Because Fayette County offers physical activities and free time, inmates usually do not have trouble staying in shape, and some get into shape. Inmates are allowed outside two or three times per day depending on the weather - a privilege that other county facilities do not give. Church services are offered every Sunday in a common area. These are normally classified as ordinary church service. Past inmates say it is best to stay occupied as to not think about the time remaining.

Phones/County Jail Visits
Inmates are allowed regular phone access every day. These calls cost two dollars a call and are paid through money on an inmate's books. Fayette County screens every inmate call for security purposes.

Visitors are allowed three to four times per week. Visits are held in a small room behind glass windows with no physical contact. It is difficult to hear at times. The waiting process for visitors is often long, so it is recommended that they arrive early.

Meals in Jail
Inmates receive three meals a day with additional foods to be bought on commissary once a week. Former inmates have reported that the Mexican night is often the best and the most filling of all meals.

Medications are passed out daily via a medical cart and a nurse. When entering Fayette County, inmates are given a green jumpsuit as a uniform. If white undergarments are already worn before entering they may be kept. But all clothing must be solid white and can only include t-shirts and underwear. This is recommended as the jail is often cold. Uniforms are the same for both men and women.