Inmate Guide

Stark County Jail Inmates

Stark County Jail is a facility that is well maintained within the department. The department holds one supervisor, four service officers, two clerks, and two account officers. These all reside at Inmate Services.

Inmates are allowed commissary as a privilege. All profits from the selling of clothing, games, hygiene products, and food items are used to buy supplies and other pieces of equipment for inmates. This money is also used during the winter to purchase clothes for indigent inmates, which include hats and winder coveralls for those who work outside as well as footwear and uniforms. The Stark County Sherriff's Office operates and owns the inmate commissary.

Visitation and Calling
Commissary services also supervise inmate visitations. These visitations are done via video and offer flexible hours five days of the week. Visitors must register to see inmates. These registrations are as much as twelve hundred in a single year.

Collect phone calls are also available for inmate usage. The state requires that phones be accessible for inmates in secured areas. The collect calls are paid via commissary to the Stark County General Fund. These calls reduce the cost of jail operations.

Church services
Bible study classes and non-denominational chapel services are provided to inmates each week. Nearly four hundred clergy and volunteers are register at Stark County. Bibles and other religious materials are available for distribution upon an inmate's request. These can be kept with the inmate but must be returned upon the inmate's releasing.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
Stark County provides Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings each week for needing inmates. However only inmates who are defined as non-violent cases are allowed to join in these provided jail programs. These programs are offered voluntarily and are not a requirement. These programs do have waiting lists because the class sizes are now so large. If one meeting is missed, inmates are removed so others may join.

Work Opportunities
To cut down on staffing, Stark County "employs" inmates for various jobs. One of these is the scrub gang where inmates clean according to schedules and designated floors, walls, windows, heating ducts, bars, vents, and lights. Two male inmates are allowed to keep the lobby, classroom, offices, locker rooms, restrooms, and patrol room clean. They are called the Front.

The maintenance crew helps the maintenance employees keep the grounds in service and other duties necessary. Other inmates work in the garage keeping vehicles working, maintaining vehicles, and performing services, such as checking tire pressures, checking fluid levels, cleaning air cleaners, and waxing vehicles.

A specific crew is assigned to the kitchen, which come in a morning shift and an evening shift. These inmates help prepare meals, distributing meals, and washing trays. They also keep the kitchen clean. Other inmates are assigned to laundry duties and others to litter detail. Those on litter detail work in their designated counties.

Inmate Records
Inmate records can be found on online databases much of the time. Records are kept by the county sheriff's office and the Department of Corrections. These records can be obtained by mail, by phone, in person, or on one of the many databases. Inmates may be searched by parole hearing, county, names, or inmate number.