Inmate Guide

Bartow County Jail Inmates

The Bartow County Jail, located in Cartersville, Georgia, encompasses over 170 thousand square feet. The Jail Division within the County Sheriff's office is responsible for operating the jail within the guidelines of state and federal law. The jail not only meets local needs, but serves the need of state and federal law enforcement.

Staffed by 61 correctional officers working in twelve hour shifts, the jail works diligently to prevent escapees as well as contraband reaching the over 7,000 inmates that are processed through the Bartow County Jail. The Bartow County Jail strives to provide a safe and healthful environment for inmates and staff; providing the inmates with the necessary medical and mental health services, religious services and other educational and drug resistance programs to aid their quality of life.

How to find out if somebody you know is in Bartow County Jail
There are two ways that you can find out if you have a friend or loved one incarcerated at the Bartow County Jail. You can visit the jail at 104 Zena Drive in Cartersville; or you can call the jail at 770-382-5050. When you call you will get several options through the automated system. You want to keep going until you reach the Jail Administrator. Once connected, they can provide you with details such as confirming the person is, indeed, in the jail and whether there is a bond and the amount of that bond.

Paying bail
Stopping by in person you may place the bail or contact a bondsman to do it for you should the actual bail amount be too expensive for you. Should bail not be an option, you may place money on the inmates commissary account, allowing him or her to purchase items, such as specialty soaps, sodas and other luxury items not provided by the jail to inmates.

Visitation is done by "pod," and there are only two twenty-five minute visitations per inmate unless it is noted otherwise. It is important to remember that visitation will not begin before the stated times. Females of blocks A and B of C pod are allowed visitation on Wednesday between eleven and two; and Sunday, noon till four. Males of D pod, blocks C, D, E, and F get their visitation on Wednesday eight in the morning till eleven; and, Sunday six in the evening until ten PM.

The males of E pod in blocks of G, H, and K can be seen on Wednesday two PM till 5 PM, and Saturday, noon till four. The J block, II, and all 'own protection' and 'administrative segregation' inmates of E pod can be seen Sunday eight AM until eleven, however they are limited to two half hour visitation with four visitors. And finally, the males of F pod, blocks L, M, N, O and P, have their visitation Wednesday seven in the evening; and Saturday eight till noon.

Jails are a necessary evil in our society. However with dedicated officers like those in Bartow County, your friends and loved ones unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of the law will receive the utmost care and courtesy as allowed by law.